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Name:What I'm Wearing • a daily outfits community
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Daily outfits and style sharing

What I'm Wearing is a community for Dreamwidth users to share photos of their style and daily outfits, in the same vein as 'what I wore today' communities. We love people with an affinity for fashion and great style.

• Rules •
  • READ THE RULES! If you are spotted breaking rules, you will be warned and/or banned.
  • All posts are members only; to view, you must join the community.
  • Photos larger than 600px (tall) by 450px (wide) must be behind a cut; you can include one photo max before your journal cut (if within the size limit).
  • Please try your best with your photos -- we want clear, full-length images of your outfits! Some close up detail shots are always accepted to supplement your outfit post, though.
  • If you have a personal style blog, and/or an account on Lookbook or Chictopia, we encourage you to leave links to them in your outfit posts!
  • With this community's focus on style, we advise against outfit photos of you in your pajamas or the t-shirt and jeans you specifically wore to clean the house. We want to share outfits that have had effort put into them and that you are proud to share, not just any ol' thing you put on.
  • Membership is moderated to keep wholesale websites from joining and spamming the community with their wares. If you are honestly a real live person that uses their journal, you'll be approved.
  • On the same note as above, we strive to keep this community worksafe: no nudity under any circumstances is allowed. (For example, wearing sheer clothing with nothing underneath.) Corset tops and bras underneath sheer clothing (on most cases) are acceptable.
  • On the same note, the maintainer has the right to delete any post if they feel the need to do so. If your post was deleted, a maintainer will likely message you with an explanation.
  • Personal attacks are not permited. You will be banned. As such, constant streams of negative comments will be noted if you do not offer any constructive criticism, and a maintainer or mod may take action. If it persists, you will be banned. Honestly, if you don't like an outfit, why comment unless you can offer how to improve it?
  • Deleting posts and comments is not allowed. If there is a problem, please contact the maintainer.
  • Remember: it's just the internet. The sensation of anonimity can get to people sometimes, but that doesn't make them better than anyone else. The maintainer is always willing to help out if there is a problem!

If you need to talk to the maintainer, leave a comment here.
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